About us

Media reported more frequently by the trend towards sustainable products that are fairly traded and relatively short transport routes into the country come. In light of the crisis, Europe should also be strengthened. However, fair trade, made of natural materials, from Europe - you can not afford it. Do you!

We buy directly from manufacturers in Europe! This makes the prices low. We buy a well - we give it to you. We know our suppliers personally consult with you, which improves on the products can be made more beautiful, make you satisfied. Where: Only those who earn enough money to make a living, can also supply good quality.

We test our products! When we write, the blanket is machine washable, we tried that. Crystal glasses are dishwasher-safe - we have tested it. Can you go into the slippers sometimes to the mailbox - you can, we have brought in the slippers in the rain Post. These are the figures for winter garden - we can now say: "Yes, they are, because they stood at minus 20 degrees outside on the patio, then again in the sun before the rain and still look like new.". You remember, we do (almost) anything to make you feel as safe as possible when you shop with us.

We advise you! Give us a call. Best of the mobile number 0171 / 2233225th We call you back!

You can either via paypal, cash on delivery (2.00 euro fee), or bill paying. For orders from abroad, you can pay via paypal.

We package our products as possible, so that they arrive safely to you. So not too much waste is created we use recycled packing material, you could also throw in the compost. For what we consume to packaging, we pay a flat fee, so it can be disposed of properly.

Take a look around in our store. Do you have ideas or can not find something? Write to us! automat@talula.de or talula@email.de. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer!